Millettia peguensis Ali.

Kannada Name : None
Common Name : Moulmein rosewood
Family Name : Fabaceae
Scientific Name : Millettia peguensis
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Deciduous
Conservation Status : Least concern
Flowering Period : December - May
Fruiting Period : April - October
Origin : Burma, Siam


Ornamental tree planted along roads for its showy and fragrant flowers.


Small to medium deciduous tree, 12-15 in height. Leaves imparipinnate, leaflets 5-7, ovate-elliptic, glabrous, base obtuse, apex acuminate, Flowers are pinkish-white in racemes or panical inflorescence, flowering during february-june. the fruits are oblong pod, compressed and woody; seed is solitary, reniform.