Millingtonia hortensis L.f.

Kannada Name : Birate mara, Aakasha mallige
Common Name : Indian Cork tree
Family Name : Bignoniaceae
Scientific Name : Millingtonia hortensis
Species Type : Indigenous
Phenology : Deciduous
Conservation Status : Least concern
Flowering Period : October - December
Fruiting Period : October - December
Origin : South Asia


It is considered ornamental and the pleasant fragrance of the flowers renders it ideal as a garden tree. The wood is also used as timber and the bark is used as an inferior substitute for cork. The leaves are also used as a cheap substitute for tobacco in cigarettes


Evergreen trees, 8-25 m tall. Bark corky. Leaves imparipinnately bipinnate, opposite; pinnae 2-3 pairs with 5-7 leaflets per pinna; leaflets elliptic, ovate, or ovate-oblong, glabrous, base rounded, oblique, apex acuminate, margin entire. Inflorescence a paniculate cyme. Flowers bisexual, white, tube shaped, pubescent adaxially. Fruit a capsule, linear, compressed. Seeds discoid-oblong, compressed, winged.