Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC.) Backer ex K.Heyne

Kannada Name : Booruga
Common Name : Copper pod
Family Name : Fabaceae
Scientific Name : Peltophorum pterocarpum
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Evergreen
Conservation Status : Not known
Flowering Period : march to may and September to November
Fruiting Period : All year
Origin : Southeastern Asia


In traditional medicine it is used as an astringent to cure or relieve intestinal disorders after pain at childbirth, sprains, bruises and swelling or as a lotion for eye troubles, muscular pains and sores. It is also used for gargles and tooth powders. An antifungal principle is present in the leaflets and buds. An alcoholic extract from the flowers has an anti-inflammatory effect and an antibacterial activity.


Evergreen trees, 12-24 m tall. Bark grey, smooth, lenticels present. Leaves bipinnate, pinnae 7-15 pairs, 7-21 pairs of leaflets per pinna; leaflets opposite, oblong-obovate, coriaceous, pubescent to glabrous, base oblique, apex rounded, mucronate, margin entire. Inflorescence a terminal or axillary panicle. Flowers bisexual, yellow, pubescent. Fruit a pod, copper-red, oblong, flat, thin, hard, narrowed at both the ends, 5-10 cm long. Seeds brown, 2-4.