Roseodendron donnell-smithii (Rose) Miranda

Kannada Name : -
Common Name : Primavera, Gold tree
Family Name : Bignoniaceae
Scientific Name : Roseodendron donnell-smithii
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Deciduous
Conservation Status : Not known
Flowering Period : None
Fruiting Period : None
Origin : Central America, Mexico


It is used for fine furniture, cabinetwork, decorative veneer, flooring etc. The wood is also used for fuel.


Large deciduous trees, 7-13 m, occasionally up to 35 m. Leaves are simple, 1-foliolate or digitately 3-7-foliolate; leaflets oblong-elliptic, membranous to chartaceous, puberulus underside or glabrescent, lepidotes present, base truncate, apex acute to acuminate, margin entire to serrate. Inflorescence a terminal panicle. Flowers bisexual, tubular, bright yellow, scattered pubescent. Fruit a capsule, linear-elongated, puberulous. Seeds surrounded by hyaline membranous wing.