Simarouba glauca DC.

Kannada Name : -
Common Name : Paradise tree
Family Name : Simaroubaceae
Scientific Name : Simarouba glauca
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Evergreen
Conservation Status : Least concern
Flowering Period : None
Fruiting Period : None
Origin : Florida, South America, Caribbean


The bark is taken as a decoction or tea for diarrhoea and fever. Leaves are used for rheumatism or are applied in the form of a lotion for body pain, bruises or skin itch.


Small to medium-sized evergreen, dioecious tree growing up to 15 m in height, straight, cylindrical bole, bark brown with irregular superficial fissures. Leaves imparpinnate, alternate; leaflets 5-15, oblong, elliptic, rounded, paler and puberulous beneath, often notched or smooth at the apex. Inflorescence a terminal or axillary panicle. Flowers unisexual, occasionally bisexual flowers are borne, yellowish-white. Fruit a drupe, purple or black at maturity, about 1.5 cm long.