Wodyetia bifurcata A.K.Irvine

Kannada Name : -
Common Name : Foxtail Palm
Family Name : Arecaceae
Scientific Name : Wodyetia bifurcata
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Evergreen
Conservation Status : Conservation dependent
Flowering Period : December - February
Fruiting Period : October - December
Origin : Australia


It is used as an ornamental tree.


Stem light grey, slightly bottle-shaped, 6-15 m tall, monoecious palm, closely ringed with leaf-scars. Leaves pinnate, appearing plumose; sheaths tubular, forming a prominent crownshaft, covered with greyish-white tomentum; primary pinnae 90‐107, divided into several linear segments or deeply lobed, glabrous, base slightly cuneate, apex coarsely praemorse. Inflorescence infrafoliar, decompound. Flowers in widely spaced triads, 1 female between 2 males, white. Fruit a berry, globose-ovoid, orange-red on ripening. Seed beaked.