Diospyros montana Roxb. L.

Kannada Name : Jagalaganti
Common Name : Mountain persimmon, mottled ebony
Family Name : Ebenaceae
Scientific Name : Diospyros montana
Species Type : Native
Phenology : Deciduous
Conservation Status : Least concern
Flowering Period : March to April
Fruiting Period : October
Origin : Tropical Asia


Used medicinally; especially unripe fruits are used in traditional medicine. Tender shoots are cooked and eaten.


Deciduous, dioeceous trees upto 20 m tall. Bark smooth, grey or yellowish-grey in color, yellow inside, exudate watery. Leaves simple, alternate, ovate, ovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, margin entire, apex obtuse, subacute or obtusely accuminate. Flowers yellowish green or green to greenish-white, unisexual. Male flowers in axillary umbel, tetramerous. Female flowers solitary, axillary, tetramerous. Fruit a berry, 1.5-2 cm across, ovoid to obconical, yellow to orange, glaucous; calyx foliaceous, slightly enlarged; seeds 3-6, rough, black.