Kigelia pinnata (Lam.) Benth.

Kannada Name : Aanethoradu Kaayi, Mara southe
Common Name : Sausage tree
Family Name : Bignoniaceae
Scientific Name : Kigelia pinnata
Species Type : Exotic
Phenology : Semi-deciduous
Conservation Status : Not known
Flowering Period : August - October
Fruiting Period : December - June
Origin : Tropical Africa


It is used in a number of skin care products. The timber is used for makoros, yokes and oars. The bark and fruit are combined and used to heal sores and to restore taste. An oily ointment is made from the powder to rub on rheumatic parts and on malignant tumours. The leaves are sometimes used to treat rheumatism, malaria, infertility, epilepsy, headache, dysentery, stomach and kidney complaints


Tree growing up to 20 m tall with spreading branches. The bark is grey, occasionally brown, smooth at first, peeling on older trees. Leaves imparipinnate, opposite or sub-opposite, 7-9 leaflets; leaflets elliptic to elliptic-obovate, pubescent, base rounded or acute to cuneate, apex rounded, obtuse or acute to acuminate, margin entire to serrate. Inflorescence a terminal panicle. Flowers bisexual, bell shaped, yellow outside, turning orange or red and with dark red to blackish inside. Fruit an indehiscent woody berry, up to 1m long, pendulous, sausage shaped. Seeds numerous embedded in the pulp.