Cubbon Park Nursery

This section lies between the roads running from Siddalingaiah Circle to Chamaraja Wodeyar Statue on one side and the road running from Siddalingaiah Circle to Government Museum on the other side. In this area, offices of the Deputy Director of Horticulture, Cubbon Park and Bangalore district are located. The Office of The Deputy Director of Horticulture (CP) is responsible for the maintenance of gardens in Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha Garden State guest houses and bungalows of Hon’ble Ministers & Hon’ble Judges.

There are few more small sections, which comprise the area behind the YMCA, in front of NGO’s club, in front of Century Club, the area between Band Stand and Queen’s Park, and the area between Balbhavan and Queen’s park – these sections contain either lawns or owering trees. But they provide serene atmosphere for peace seekers as these areas are not frequented by tourists. In these areas, students can engage in studies without any disturbance.